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From catwalk inspo to occasion-wear reality

Updated: May 31, 2020

[Givenchy, Fall 2020 runway]

Thanks to the internet, we have access to worldwide catwalk shows and designer presentations quickly and easily. We can enjoy the spectacle and be inspired by the designs, colours and shapes. But not everything we see on the catwalk is easy to translate into the reality of our lives - even when we have special occasions. And inspiration is about re-creating ideas in new ways, not copying them.

Some people seem to effortlessly translate current trends or quirky catwalk ideas into great personal looks. Others may wonder how to turn a designer outfit into a workable wardrobe for a fun occasion.

To help with ideas as to how you can be inspired by the latest catwalk looks, I've used public (ie instagram) photos of some of my fashion friends attending events (in reality or virtually), and paired them with recent designer runway offerings. In each case, you can see how elements of a look could be adapted to something more suitable for your own style, shape and event.

[Note: I'm not suggesting that these people used these designers for their inspo - I know they didn't - I've just paired them up as examples!]

The initial key is to find fun or striking looks or elements of those looks which attract your attention. Then, think about how you might adapt it to suit your style/personality/figure etc.


Starting with Fitoure Mode (of course!)

[@emma.c.wells in @fitoure_mode and @sovata_fashion_milliinery]

An example of how a catwalk dress shape and unusual footwear might inspire an outfit.

Don't dismiss an outfit because you don't like the pattern or the accessories. Consider how a shape may work for you, in a different pattern or colour, and be creative with accessorising. Emma made this outfit both contemporary yet conservative at the same time, by adding a blouse underneath and wearing comfortable over-the-knee boots, which ironically make the outfit more modest than if she'd worn standard pumps, but edgy at the same time.


Colours and patterns can be used as inspiration.

@millicentzaria in elements which are popular again this year - the shorter hemline, the suit pattern, the pops of colour.

This is an example of how you can use a colour combination as a starting point. A red hat over a checked blazer can be re-imagined in many different ways for unique looks.


Here's another way to use colours and patterns as inspo, toning down an edgy, revealing catwalk style into a more appropriate (but still young) raceday look.

The green and blue checked blazer makes a great starting point for an outfit - watch for recurring combinations on your favourite designer sites to see what colours will be strong each season. The scarf can stay, but tying it into a bow makes for a more polished presentation.

[@petamb_ in a winning (virtual) outfit]


An example of how to convert a modern catwalk outfit into your own style. The shape and colours are similar, but instead of a jumpsuit Viera of @getracy has used layers from her own wardrobe to create a contemporary black and white look.

Consider things like different sleeves and necklines, and how you can rework them for more up-to-date looks. Alternatively, try using separates to create similar looks to what you see on the catwalk but in styles more suited to your shape or budget.


See a hat shape on the catwalk that you like? It's a good way of seeing how it will look with outfit styles, or maybe giving inspiration for a look you haven't tried before.

Angela of @ontrackontrend has fabulous unique style ~ using an example like this can give ideas about how to achieve it. Exaggerate the hat shape, and use the basic idea of a suit as a starting point. Then, add your own twist!


Timeless style.

@daisy.grace.29 in an interpretation of the classic Chanel style.

Consider how you might take a gorgeous look you've seen on the catwalk, and rethink it for your own wardrobe. For example, different shaped skirts, turning a skirt and top into a dress, making layers for multiple looks - the list is endless.

The take-home message? Instead of re-creating a whole look, find elements that speak to you and think about how you could adapt them from the designer catwalk to your own occasion.

Do you have examples of your own, where you've used catwalk ideas as inspiration for your own outfits? Feel free to DM me (@fitoure_mode) and I can do more galleries :)

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