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Concept: the Millennial Outfit

[Which ended up being the COVID-19 outfit.... read on....]

Created for #vamff 2020 (March 2020)

The Concept:

~ Juxtaposing the notion of the millennial generation (often generalised as the 'bubble-wrap' generation with individually fragile psyches and socially protective norms), with the rise of online shopping and everything and anything being delivered to your door.

~This outfit is made of material representing bubble-wrap, held together by gaffer tape, as if the wearer is a parcel wrapped up ready to post. But the parcel is fragile, as many individuals are in today's uncertain world - symbolised by the stickers which remind the viewer to take care (of individuals and our world) ~

The COVID-19 crisis started to impact Australia the same weekend this outfit debuted - causing the cancellation of the remaining VAMFF shows as well as a host of events around Australia and the world, and subsequently seeing isolation and quarantine measures being enforced.

In light of this, the symbolism of the outfit became even more pertinent.

~Health can be fragile. If necessary, wrap yourself up and stay safe

~Our social and economic world went into protective mode.

~Online shopping, ironically, became even more important for many people unable to access essentials, business goods or other items

Outfit: @fitoure_mode

Model: Emma Wells

HMUA: Ashleigh Norris

Photographer: Wendell Teodoro

Location: Melbourne - inner city

COVID-19: is an infectious disease caused by severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2). The pandemic has changed our world temporarily ~ maybe permanently. Find ways to be creative, to support those who can't wrap themselves away from its consequences.

But don't stop dreaming, doing and creating



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