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Ascot in the Antipodes ~ in The Pink

Or, the world through rose-coloured glasses...

After the rain, after the rainbow: pink sky at night. A symbol that tomorrow will bring sunshine.

With the Ascot week drawing to a close, we felt it fitting to celebrate the optimism of the #StyledWithThanks #RoyalAscot campaign, which raised money for important frontline charities while allowing people to dress up and celebrate Ascot at Home. We watched as a rainbow of colour flooded social media, and the tally of donations to charities rose higher and higher.

So this time, we donned pink, to celebrate the colour of the evening sky after the storm has passed. A colour which is empathetic and kind, happy and playful. But a colour which has many variations, from light to dark, from soft to intense ~ a colour we all enjoyed playing with and accessorising as we sought to provide inspiration for fashion lovers.

Again, all our outfits were styled or made from existing items or fabric in our wardrobes. While lockdown is lifting in many countries worldwide, not all people will be now in a position to buy new outfits ~ and many more may not want to. Hopefully, you may find ideas in our pink edit to allow you to enjoy fashion, regardless of your age, shape, size or budget.

And - enjoy the Australian scenery :)

In the pink...

Kash is a stylist with young children. She knows the benefits of owning a good quality, simple, elegant dress which can be worn over and over again, which can be put on in a matter of minutes as you strut out the door. A dress with a simple print like this allows different coloured accessories to be added for different effects (pink, blue or cream for example).

Her Ascot look is elevated by her curved head-hugger hat, and the handbag which mimics the curves of the hat. It also mimics the curves of the Sydney Harbour Bridge behind her - something you won't see if you're at Ascot. Maybe next year you can spend Ascot in Sydney too?

Perhaps you prefer a dirt road and a gum tree as the backdrop for your elegant Ascot look?

Emma, who is literally in her own backyard, also demonstrates the simplicity principle when it comes to elegant dressing. Her headpiece is by London-based Australian Ana Bella Millinery: a beautiful silver piece which Emma has had for awhile, but hadn't yet had the opportunity to wear. Rather than wait for isolation restrictions to lift, she treated the local wildlife to its first outing instead.

Being tall, the simple lines and flowing nature of the dress and the long sleeves are flattering and perfect for Ascot or any occasions when the weather can be a little unpredictable. Although if windy, perhaps take a tip from seasoned professionals and add little weights to the hemline!

Daisy took our location shoots even further - climbing to the top of the Griffith Scenic Hill and Hermit's Cave, with a view of country town Griffith and the surrounding farmland in the background. All in a day's work for a determined fashion-lover.

The dress was made for Daisy in Thailand when she was on holidays, in that time before Covid-19 when travel was quite common and easy. Rather than purchasing souvenirs which sit on the shelf, try buying fabric or getting an outfit made next time you go somewhere - you'll have a much more practical memento of your trip! Her hat, from @sovata_fashion_millinery, is a simple design which goes with a lot of Daisy's colourful dresses.

Peta in front of her favourite door, in Southern Victoria.

A colourful suit can be a very good investment. It doesn't have to cost alot - Peta's is a high street purchase she keeps in her cupboard for fashion emergencies. A scarf loosely knotted around her neck dresses it up but keeps it young with the hints of bare decolletage peeping through.

She added her Ali Moor Millinery Hat - part of her State-winning Myer Fashions ensemble last year (2019). Whereas her winning outfit last year was feminine and floral, this look is sharp and sleek but softened by the oversized bow. Good hats will work wonders with different outfits.

Just casually walking the dog. On the beach. In the Queensland sunshine. In racewear and high heels.

What better way to celebrate creativity and optimism?

This dress was created by me and is special, as the patterned fabrics feature licensed artworks by indigenous Australian women, and the dress was a little effort to support and symbolise the indigenous women of Australia. [More on that in a future blog].

Making (or getting a dress made) is a good way to promote sustainable fashion - read my earlier blog on this topic.

The hat is a well-used one from Monika Neuhauser, with matching dress material added to the side. It has now been decorated with a blue bow, black feathers, patterned fabric..... not sure what will come next.

Finally, back to Sydney Harbour for the darkest pink in our fashion edit. With the Museum of Contemporary Art in the background, Viera has embraced the spirit of the occasion with a large flower headpiece from her @getracy collection. Never be scared of trying a big, bright or bold headpiece to really add a 'wow' factor to your outfit!

Her dress is a special one - purchased on sale from Temperley in the UK when she travelled overseas last year to visit family. Although dark - with almost purple undertones - she has paired it with a number of different hats and accessories to achieve different looks during the recent racing season.

It was getting close to finishing time, we think Viera threw away her handbag?


We hope you've enjoyed our Ascot at Home (Ascot in Australia) looks. Many people around the world have also dressed up and participated in the #styledwiththanks initiative this week - what were some of your favourite outfits? Maybe you've used this time to think about new looks, new ways of restyling old looks, or embracing some of the colours of the rainbow you've never really tried before.

And it's not too late to donate to your favourite charities. It's never too late.

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