Ascot in the Antipodes ~ in The Pink

Or, the world through rose-coloured glasses... After the rain, after the rainbow: pink sky at night. A symbol that tomorrow will bring sunshine. With the Ascot week drawing to a close, we felt it fitting to celebrate the optimism of the #StyledWithThanks #RoyalAscot campaign, which raised money for important frontline charities while allowing people to dress up and celebrate Ascot at Home. We watched as a rainbow of colour flooded social media, and the tally of donations to c

Ascot in the Antipodes ~ The Rainbow Collection

Worldwide, unprecedented events have impacted our routines, social occasions and relationships. The Covid-19 pandemic in particular has changed our lives, as we grapple with the economic and social consequences of this crisis. At times like this, it is easy to suggest that fashion and creativity is a frivolous waste of time. However, symbolism and hope can be derived from ideas and images, and used to encourage real and meaningful action. Furthermore, the fashion community ca